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Introducing Buildamax

Who are we?

Buildamax stands out as an innovative construction company operating from the Gold Coast to south Brisbane, offering a wide array of services tailored to the needs of both professionals and individuals. Our expertise spans residential renovations, demolition services, home improvement, as well as supplying and installing doors and windows.

Our ambition doesn’t stop there: we are also committed to business consulting and plan drawing, marking our dedication to support our clients at every stage of their project.


Business Consulting

Faced with the realization that many entities in the construction field excel technically but struggle commercially, Buildamax offers a crucial solution: business consulting. This service is designed to compensate for a lack of commercial experience, providing strategic advice and practical tools aimed at enhancing the efficiency and profitability of our clients.

We believe that success in the construction sector is based on a solid foundation of commercial knowledge, and we position ourselves as the ideal partner to secure this competitive advantage.

Vision to Reality

Drawing Plans

Recognizing the importance of visualization in bringing projects to fruition, Buildamax emphasizes plan drawing. Whether for home extensions or new constructions, we provide detailed floor plans and elevations, allowing our clients to see beyond the current limits and imagine the transformative potential of their space. This approach aims not only to facilitate decision-making but also to ensure that every project accurately reflects our clients’ vision and aspirations.

Each of these sections aims to enlighten site visitors about Buildamax’s identity, the importance of business consulting within our services, and the crucial role of plan drawing in realizing our clients’ visions.

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Behind the Scenes

Meet the Leaders

At the helm of Buildamax, our leaders combine vision, expertise, and a deep commitment to excellence. Their strategic foresight and dedication are the driving forces behind our success, steering our team and projects towards innovative solutions and outstanding results.

YAnn le borgne


YAnn le borgne